6 Night Markets to Visit in Bangkok

Visiting a Bangkok street market is something you should not miss when you’re visiting this energetic city and a taste of the nightlife is ideal when you choose any of these wonderful night markets.

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Bangkok is a city that comes alive at night, with a multitude of dining and shopping options at one of the city’s lively markets. Each of the city’s markets opens for certain times, some of them only on weekends and others open only some days of the week. Visiting a Bangkok street market is something you should not miss when you’re visiting this energetic city and a taste of the nightlife is ideal when you choose any of these wonderful night markets.

Chatuchak Friday Night Market

The Chatuchak Market is the largest street market in the world with an estimated 15,000+ vendors. It’s open from Wednesdays to Sundays but the Friday Night Market is something special that you can only experience on that particular day. Access to some parts of the market is restricted on Friday nights, but there’s still plenty of stalls to choose from. It’s a great way to escape the heat and do some shopping. Fridays are the time to get the best deals as it’s considered wholesale night and the vendors sell in bulk. The market features sections that sell a wide range of food, antiques, clothing, art and much, much more.

Nearest station: BTS -Mo Chit Station  MRT- Chatuchak Park
Opening days: Friday
Opening times: From 6pm to 12pm

Khaosan Road Market

This busy street market is bustling day and night, but it’s something you won’t want to miss when the sun goes down. This is the ideal place to shop for fashion. You won’t find expensive designers, but the market features a wide range of clothing options, from traditional Thai printed fabrics to elephant pants to t-shirts. The vendors are willing to haggle, so there’s the easy opportunity to get a great deal on something you’ll love to wear. This is also a market for trying Thai delicacies, including fresh tropical fruit, grilled meats, traditional street food and Thai desserts. That includes papaya salad, chicken skewers, fried noodles and sticky rice with mango.

Nearest station: BTS -Siam, National Station and Ratchathewi  MRT- Sam Yot
Opening days: Monday-Sunday
Opening times: From 6pm to 3am or 4am

Khlong Thom Market

Found in Chinatown, this market isn’t as much of a tourist location as some of Bangkok’s other street markets. It’s a place visited by locals doing their everyday shopping. However, it’s an inexpensive place to shop at night, where haggling reigns supreme and great deals can be made after dark. The market is set up with street stalls, selling everything from clothing to electronics to tools to musical instruments to toys. You can also find sunglasses, phone accessories and much, much more. Many items are sold new, but there’s also a fair amount of second-hand goods to be had. There’s plenty of food choices too, and given its location, there are lots of Chinese food restaurants and stalls around and about the market.

Nearest station:MRT- Wat Mangkon Station
Opening days: Monday-Sunday
Opening times: From 9am to 6pm

Rod Fai Market 2

This partially open-air and partially covered night market was originally located near the train tracks but relocated when extensions were made. It’s now located behind the Seacon Square shopping mall but hasn’t lost any of the atmosphere that was so appealing of the first location. Unlike many of the other night markets in Bangkok, this one pipes vintage music through its speakers and many of the vendors are selling antiques. However, there’s a lot more to be had here as well. Other stalls sell leather goods, clothing and home decor. There’s a strong food presence here as well. From the strange, like chicken feet, to the trendy, like brownies, there’s something for everyone. That includes cheese lovers, with cheese fries, cheese balls and cheesy chicken on the menu. There is also a full range of bars serving a range of beer and cocktails to make your night that much more memorable and enjoyable.

Nearest station: MRT- Thai Cultural Centre
Opening days: Thursday – Sunday
Opening times: From 5pm to 1am

Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Night Market

Comprised of 18 buildings and made predominantly from recycled materials, the Chang Chui Plane Night Market is an artistic haven, packed with boutique fashion and trendy food and beer stalls. In addition to the shopping and food, there’s plenty of art scattered around, making for perfect photo opportunities. The food pavilion is filled with choices, including pizza, ramen, sushi and authentic papaya salad. There are also slides and swings to keep the kids entertained and a treehouse for everyone to enjoy. One of the biggest draws is the shell of an old Lockheed L-1011 Tristar aeroplane, which is an attraction to see besides all of the shopping and food found at the market. It attracts those curious about the setting but also shoppers and foodies looking for a unique experience.

Nearest station: BTS -Victory Monument Station MRT- Sirindhorn
Opening days: Thursday – Tuesday
Opening times: From 11am to 11pm

Enjoy your shopping experience!

No matter what you’re looking for, one of Bangkok’s night markets should have just what you want.

If you’re travelling to the city, you can get a real taste of the culture and people who call it home by immersing yourself in the night market scene. With the food, drink and shopping, you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t forget your camera because photo opportunities abound.



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