The History of Erawan Shrine Bangkok

A brief history of the popular Erawan Shrine, Sukhumvit – its appeal, history and what makes it so popular with visitors from all over the world.

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The Erawan Shrine was built in 1956 after the Hindu Brahman priest proposed that it should be constructed. The shrine was built because it was observed that a nearby hotel named Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok hotels was seemingly cursed. Because of the curse on the hotel, it took longer to get completed, while the hotel was under construction the workers experienced a lot of dangers. So, in order to remove the curse, the shrine was built. When the shrine was fully completed the curse on the hotel was lifted and construction went on without any further casualties.


What draws people to Erawan?

This shrine has enjoyed a lot of visitors because it is said that the shrine grants the wish of its visitor and that it also brings them good luck. People come to the shrine with lots of things ranging from marigold garlands to lighted incense, these things they bring as an offering.


The Erawan Shrine today

Despite the hotel being demolished in 1987, the shrine is still in existence and it has continued to enjoy lots of visitors.


Where Erawan Shrine can be found

The shrine is built in one of the busiest junctions in the city Capital – Ratchaprasong junction. The position of the shrine enables visitors to navigate to the shrine easily via the BTS SkyTrain station Chitlom or Siam station. One can easily take a fabulous aerial view picture of the shrine while standing in the elevated walk-way between the two train stations. The shrine provides a cultural epitome that displays the connection between religion and human daily life, superstition, luck, and animism.

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